Muslim Names : Names of Allah subhanahu wata'ala

Ar-Rahman The compassionate; The beneficent Ar-Raheem The merciful Al-Malik The ruler; The lord
Al-Quddoos The holy one As-Salam The source of peace Al-Mumin The keeper of faith
Al-Muhaimin The guardian; The protector Al-Azeez The mighty Al-Jabbar The compeller
Al-Mutakabbir The greatest Al-Khaliq The creator Al-Bari The maker
Al-Musawwir The shaper of forms Al-Ghaffar The forgiving Al-Qahhar The subduer
Al-Wahhab The giver of all Ar-Razzaq The sustainer; The provider Al-Fattah The opener
Al-Aleem The all knowing Al-Qabiz The constrictor Al-Basit One who exlarges
Al-Khafiz The abaser Ar-Rafi The exalter Al-Muiz The bestower of honour
Al-Muzil The humiliator As-Sami The all hearing Al-Baseer The all seeing
Al-Hakam The judge Al-Adl The just Al-Lateef The subtle one
Al-Khabeer The all aware Al-Haleem The forebearing Al-Azeem The magnificent; The great one
Al-Ghafoor The forgiver Ash-Shakoor The rewarder of thankfulness; The appreciative Al-Aliy The highest
Al-Kabir The greatest Al-Hafeez The preserver Al-Muqeet The nourisher
Al-Haseeb The accounter Al-Jaleel The mighty Al-Kareem The generous
Ar-Raqeeb The watchful Al-Mujeeb The responder Al-Wasi The comprehending; The all encompassing
Al-Hakeem The perfectly wise Al-Wadood The loving one Al-Majeed The majestic one; The most glorious one
Al-Bais The resurrector Ash-Shaheed The witness Al-Haqq The truth
Al-Wakeel The trustee Al-Qawi The possessor of all strength; The most strong Al-Mateen The forceful one
Al-Waliy The protecting friend Al-Hameed The praised one Al-Muhsi The appraiser
Al-Mubdi The originator Al-Mueed The restorer Al-Muhyi The giver of life
Al-Mumeet The taker of life Al-Hayy The living ; The alive Al-Qayyoom The self existing
Al-Wajid The finder Al-Majid The glorious Al-Wahid The only one; The unique
Al-Ahad The one As-Samad The eternal Al-Qadir The all powerful; The able
Al-Muqtadir The owner of all power Al-Muqaddim The expediter Al-Muakhkhir The delayer
Al-Awwal The first Al-Akhir The last Az-Zahir The manifest one
Al-Batin The hidden one Al-Wali The governor Al-Mutaali The supreme one
Al-Barr The source of all goodness At-Tawwab The accepter of repentance Al-Muntaqim The avenger
Al-Afuw The forgiver; The pardoner Ar-Rauf The kind; The compassionate Malik Al-Mulk The owner of all
Zhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram The lord of majesty and bounty Al-Muqsit The equitable one Al-Jami The gatherer
Al-Ghani The rich one Al-Mughni The enricher Al-Mani The preventer
Ad-Zarr The creator of the harmful; The distresser An-Nafi The creator of good An-Nur The light
Al-Hadi The guide Al-Badi The originator Al-Baqi The everlasting
Al-Waris The inheritor of all Ar-Rasheed The righteous teacher; The guide to the right path As-Saboor The patient one
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