Muslim Baby Boys Names

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MadaniCivilised; Of Madina
MahboobDear; Beloved
MahdiRightly guided
MahfoozSafe; Secure; Protected
MahirExpert; Skilled; Skilful
MahjoobHidden; Covered
MahmoodOne who is praised
MahtabThe moon
MaimoonLucky; Furtunate; Blessed
MajeedGlorious; One of the names of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
MajidGlorious; Noble; Name of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
MakhdoomOne who is served
MakkiOf Makkah
MalikOwner; Master; Lord
MamoonSafe; Trustworthy
MamoorInhabited; Civilised
MansoorAssisted; Aided by Allah subhanahu wata'ala
ManzoorAccept; Accepted
MaqboolAccepted; Approved
MaqsoodIntended; Aim
MasoodProsperous; Happy
MasoomInnocent; Sinless
MateenStrong; Powerful; One of the names of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
MinhajRoad; Path
MirLeader; Prince
MirzaSon of a prince
MisbahLamp; Lantern
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