Muslim Baby Boys Names

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IbrahimKind father; Combination of Abu (father) and Raheem (kind).
IdreesA Prophet
IftikharPride; Glory
IkhlasSincerity; Purity
IkhtiyarChoice; Preference
IkramahA female pigeon; Son of Abu Jahl who became a Sahabi
IlyasName of a Prophet alaihissalam
ImamLeader; One who leads communal prayer.
ImanFaith; Belief; Beliefe in Allah subhanahu wata'ala.
ImranPopulation; Father of Hazrat Maryam alaihissalam (Mary
InaamAward; Reward; Prize
IqbalGood luck; Good fortune; Prosperity
IqtidarPower; Authority
IrfanWisdom; Knowledge
IsaA Prophet alaihissalam (Jesus)
IshaqOne who laughs; A Prophet alaihissalam
IshtiyaqFondness; Longing
Islahimprovement; Reform
Islamsubmission/surrender to the will of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
IsmailA Prophet
IsraelThe chosen one; Hazrat Yaqoob alaihissalam was also called Israel.
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