Muslim Baby Boys Names

Click on a letter to list all Muslim baby boys names beginning with that letter or to search for a particular name, enter the name in the text box and click on the search button.

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ZafarVictory; Triumph; Success
ZafeerOf firm intention; Resolute
ZaheerBlooming; Shining
ZaheerHelper; Supporter
ZahidDevout; One who is fully devoted to Allah subhanahu wata'ala.
ZaidIncrease; Increment; Excess
ZakariyahA Prophet alaihissalam
ZakiPure; Sinless
ZakirOne who mentions; One who remembers
ZamanTime; Age
ZameerHeart; Mind
ZaminOne who helps
ZeeshanOne with grace; Elegance
ZiaLight; Glow
ZiyadIncrease; Addition; Surplus
ZubairSmall piece of iron; One who is brave and wise.
ZulfikarName of the sword of Hazrat Ali [raa] given to him by Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him.
ZulkiflA Prophet alaihissalam of Allah subhanahu wata'ala
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